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Position Sensor Solution

Position Sensor Solution
  • Rajnesh
  • April 18, 2018

One can consider sensors as a very important measuring organ system. What they do is collect data from the neighboring surroundings and physical parameters to provide electricity that gets inputted to the system. With a wide range of different sensing principles that are used in different applications the main difference between position sensor solutions is it get can be customized for various implementations like fly-by- wire aircraft systems, drive by wire cars, injection moulding machinery, packaging machines and medical equipment to name a few.

What is the purpose of a Position sensor?

The set up of a particular application usage of a sensor determines its classification. For example, sensors that are used to monitor humidity are termed as Humidity sensors. While the one used for measuring pressure is called pressure sensors, similarly sensors that measure liquid levels in d level sensors. Even though the general principle of the sensor is the same, they differ in terms of application and function. The same goes when we talk about position sensors which monitor the measurement of the position of an object or mass.

Position Sensor solutions provide sensors that help measure the distance traveled by the object's body starting from its reference position. The distance from its referred point to the initial position is calculated by the position sensor with the resolution output fed into the controller system that reacts accordingly. The mobility of the body can be either rectilinear or curvilinear as per the position sensors can be identified as linear position sensors or angular position sensors.

Position sensors Solutions have a wide product line of sizes and custom product utilization with premium optimized technologies which some companies like Accent have incorporated in their Sensor manufacturing. These technologies are imported from a German company that has enveloped a high and efficient performance in sensor monitoring. With Accent is reaching forward as India's No 1 sensor designing company to withstand harsh environments like extended heat, humidity, and other dysfunctional ambiances.

Accents technologies incorporate

  • Optoelectronics
  • Magnetic Hall Effect
  • Potentiometric rebound hybrids and good conductive plastics.

Accent specializes in speed and position sensor performance for an extreme appliance in the industry. Accent sensors always improvise on quality and safety adherence for all standard configurations. Accent also offers customizable solutions without compromising on quality and potential performance or reliability of any kind. This has led to Accent reaching out as not just a national country sensor achiever but also as a globally recognized player in terms of sensor design and technology.