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Quality Philosophy

Accent believes that quality is not an accident. Moreover it is not a mere buzzword. It requires systematic, intelligent effort and devotion to accomplish total satisfaction of our customers. The latter lies in prompt, timely deliveries of defect-free products. This requires continuous monitoring of products, processes and systems.

Quality Policy:

To accomplish total customer satisfaction by delivering products of the highest quality on time.

How we build Quality into our Products :

  • Products are designed for reliability. Aside from functionality and performance, reliability is expected from and built into each new design.
  • Components are sourced from major semiconductor manufacturers like Motorola, Raychem, ST, Siemens etc.
  • Inward inspection of all components is done on a sampling basis.
  • Automatic machines solder over 90% of joints.
  • 100% inspection of each product both in-process as well as post production.
  • 100% burn-in testing.
  • Strict control over environment (mains voltage, dust, temperature, humidity, static electricity etc.)
  • Mass use of SMT (Surface Mount Technology) for greater reliability.
  • All production and quality personnel are periodically trained by specialized external agencies.