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Fibre Optic DR (50mm)

Fibre Optic DR (50mm) 1

Connection Diagrams

Fibre Optic DR (50mm) 2
Fibre Optic DR (50mm) 3
Ordering Code - NPN Light D31C-18DRFO-50-NL-2S
Ordering Code - PNP Light D31C-18DRFO-50-PL-2S
Ordering Code - NPN Dark  D31C-18DRFO-50-ND-2S
Ordering Code - PNP Dark  D31C-18DRFO-50-PD-2S
Nominal Sensing Distance, Sn 50mm + 10%
Minimum Target Size 50 x 50mm, white paper of minimum 90% reflectance
Hysteresis < 20% of Sn
Ambient Temperature Range  0 to 500C
Ambient Light safety Level 10,000 lux
Function Display Red LED indicates output status
Supply Voltage 10-30VDC
Supply Voltage Ripple < 10% peak-to-peak
No-load current < 30mA
Rated Operational Current, Ie <200mA resistive
Voltage Drop at Ie < 1.5V
Distance Adjustment Via single-turn potentiometer
Maximum Switching Frequency 250 Hz
Protections Reverse polarity, Short circuit
Housing Material Nickel-plated Brass
Housing Size M18 x 1 x 105mm
Type of Fibre Optic Cable Polymer Fibre, Polyethylene Sheated
Least bending radius of fibre optic cable 22 mm
Sensing Head Size M6 x 1 x 18mm
Grade of Protection IP63
Cable - Electrical 3 x 0.22mm2, 2m long, PVC
Cable - Fibre Optic  2 x 2.2mm sheath diameter, 1m long end-to-end